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Memoriam — Remembering Joseph Henry Wythe

Joseph Henry Wythe left us to meet the Master Architect and Builder of the Universe on September 30, 2019, a few days before his 98th birthday. While we mourn his passing, we treasure his legacy of great design and beautiful buildings, and his warmth, humor, and grace. May he rest in peace, and may we all achieve some of the creativity and passion for beauty which informed his life.
— The Wythe Family


Joe Wythe was not only a treasured personal friend but a formidable advocate for Organic Architecture. Throughout his life, Joe furthered the cause in his work and educational endeavors. I was inspired by Joe and am honored to have known him. He will truly be missed.

~ Arthur Dyson, Architect,

I remember walking down the lane leading to their unique Unicorn Farm home. 'Twas Joseph's birthday time and I'd brought him a pear pie. He was working on a rock wall with a small hammer, tap tap tapping away. The Larch that he adored were in tall golden spires and with each breathe of wind the air was filled with golden tinsel falling all around him. We were covered in gold! That rock wall still stands and the mighty Larch still sway but that creative architect has flown away. I miss him now in his birthday month [October] . . . and probably always will.

~ Hattie Goodman, Happy Hearts Country Preschool
Friend and neighbor

I found Joe to be an Extraordinarily Nice man who truly loved the the Nature and Beauty of the 'Homestead' he built on Lower Pack River Rd. We had many good conversations during the years I rented the Cabin he built for his wife.

~ George Koppman

Joseph Henry Wythe knew the alchemy behind great architecture. In his blueprints and buildings, he revealed his authentic inner beauty as a beautiful gift to the world.

~ Christopher Guzelian, Architect

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