Alternative Architecture

Organic Architecture

Adherence to the principles of organic architecture
as set forth by Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

Organic architecture is a living architecture.
The essence lies in the modeling of the space within.

BEAUTY A Building becomes a Work of Architecture when it fulfills and transcends the requirements of practicality into the subjective realm of beauty.
CONCEPTION A Work of Architecture is a true organism, inspired from the seed of an idea, nurtured with loving care, and brought into the full flowering of life.
MUSIC A Work of Architecture is a symphony of materials, composed to inspire the listener with passages ranging from simple harmonies to magnificent grandeur, from rest and repose to the exotic heights that stir the hearts of mankind.
ROMANCE A Work of Architecture is a delight, a joy to behold, to use and to become a part of.
INTEGRITY A Work of Architecture proclaims a beauty of its own. It is free from the chains of past styles and current fads. The various materials used express the beauty inherent within. There is no sham or pretense.
INDIGENOUS A Work of Architecture is a part of the site, not merely a structure placed upon the site.
NATURE A Work of Architecture is at one with Nature.
TIME A Work of Architecture, while an expression of its time in history, has a timeless quality that retains and enhances its beauty with the passing of years.
MYSTERY A Work of Architecture has an aspect of mystery that intrigues the human mind to explore for new beauties inherent within the work.
ENHANCEMENT A Work of Architecture enriches its community, the neighborhood and the lives of those who encounter it.
APPEAL A Work of Architecture has universal appeal and expresses the joy of living. Its enjoyment is not limited to a small band of asthetes and ascetics.
CREATION A Work of Architecture is an expression of the highest values of its culture, inspired by the creative imagination of the architect, and incorporating the dreams and aspirations of those who will use it. It demostrates a faith in mankind to rise above all degrading and destructive forces.
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